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Galen's Coronet

Let's make it three! This time for Galen, who was granted a court baronage at Winter Coronation before Their Majesties stepped down. Design Design for this one was actually pretty easy; Her Majesty asked for something similar to this:  After discussing the design a little, the initial plan was to do the base and bands at the top and bottom in nickel silver and do the spiral in brass. The dots were probably going to be done in silver also, but I mostly decided to deal with those when I got to them. The overriding design consideration was "simple." Fabrication The coronet was laid out so there would be twelve openings in the spiral, so then the pearls could be mounted over every other circle. After figuring out the dimensions came a lot of sawing to make the braid. As the pieces were laid out, the ends also got a bevel filed into them so it would look like the piece was passing under the middle of the next piece. The base of the coronet was easy to