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Baronial A&S Championship Entry: Metalworked Bag

About five months ago, I made a comment about being out of things to do since I had finished up all my coronet projects. Ayisha sent me  this metalworked bag , in a halfway serious tone. I told her something along the lines of "ha ha no" due to the amount of engraving and inlay needed. Then I sat on it for two months, and eventually talked myself into doing something with it since Forgotten Sea's baronial A&S championship theme was trying something new. The last time I seriously tried picking up engraving, I stabbed my finger fairly bad and haven't attempted any real engraving since. (Not counting the things like the disc brooch, where I used a graver to smooth edges. I also started practicing engraving for this before I did the brooch, so I say it counts anyways.) Design Ayisha included  several   alternate   views  in her original email, so I was able to work out dimensions based on the museum provided measurements along with the front and side views. I pull